Friday, 2 March 2012

What's really happening with Sustainable Fashion?

Wow I think things are hotting up! There's real movement at the top of the chain and great things happening with the High Street retailers.

Meryl Streep, yes Meryl Streep the Academy's Best Actress award winner this year wore Lanvin's first ever sustainable gown.

Livia Frith is the wonderful lady who is responsible for Meryl's awareness of Sustainable fashion. Livia Frith (Colin's wife) started the trend amongst the stars with GCC - Green Carpet Challenge. Livia vowed in 2009 to only wear gowns that are eco friendly. Frith is the founder of Miranda Porter is the site's editor who takes on a Frugal challenge. She's seen looking beautiful in her own version of sustainable fashion as well as editing a really good site.

Here are the Oscar Eco queens togther, Streep in Lanvin and Frith in Valentino. The Valentino dress is made with silk, and polyester from recycled plastic bottles. Do they these gowns look sustainable? No, they just look like red carpet frocks! There were other stars getting sustainable on the red carpets this Winter and there are more high end designers ready to join the Sustainable band wagon.

How about the Bafta's? Just as hot in a different way...really excited about this.

Michelle Williams, nominated for best actress wore - H&M monochrome - Wow

H and M are trailblazers on the High Street for Sustainability and Fair Trade - check out 'Conscious'

So we have a growing number of A listers wearing Sustainable Fashion, and a well dressed star in customised,  high quality High Street. My hero!!

Well done GCC and really well done H & M with Michelle Williams. Who is next? What is everyone up to as we all type, read and create?

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