Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Value of Good Research

I have never been good at science or at least I thought not. Perhaps this is more to do with the way the subject was taught when I was at school. I have just watched this year's Dimbleby Lecture from Sir Paul Nurse and I am inspired. I hope that one of my young daughters becomes interested in science. The lecture takes 45 minutes but it's well worth a viewing
If you prefer to read the lecture,

What has all this got to do with Fashion and Fashion Auntie I hear you ask?

"Today the UK is second only to the USA in contributions to the world’s 
science, and is probably first in terms of cost efficiency. This is an amazing 
achievement for our country. 

Science is one of Britain’s greatest resources. In the future we will not be able to compete on the world stage with low labour costs or by exploiting vast reserves of mineral 
resources. We will have to compete with our brains and with our science.
Many features important for good science are well embedded in the 
UK. We have a tradition of respect for empiricism, emphasising reliable 
observation and experiment"
                                         Sir Paul Nurse - Dimbleby Lecture 28th February

If you read the small excerpt above you the words science could design  be interchangeable.

The final two words observation and experiment. Observation is a research method. Experiment is another way of describing a creative process.  For me, research drives good design, whether you are researching a market you wish to design for, a question or problem which needs to be answered, trend intelligence, or looking for aesthetic inspiration. I have always found my best designs flow when I have done my research in a thorough and inspired way.

The other really important aspect related to design is researching and sourcing the best materials (hoping,we're all thinking sustainable here!)

The point is if you carry out your own research you're creating your own unique design, not some weak imitation of someone else's work. Let's all explore with inquiring, creative minds......

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