Sunday, 16 September 2012

Custom Dress for a September Bride

The work started in May; a quiet meeting with the bride to exchange thoughts. Florence brought her ideas on paper and I brought my notebook, tape measure and fairtrade, organic and sustainable swatches.

Next came working drawings and a further discussion, focusing on fabric choice and design detail. This included a request for a baby bridesmaid dress.

Several fittings and many design decisions later, my beloved mannequin, Deidre is modelling the dress. I have to point out that Deidre is a little fuller figured than the bride....oh boy did the perfect tape take some sourcing....the final and best version arriving days before the wedding.....

And the big day arrives.......just the chapel and by the sunshine!

What is the gorgeous baby girl wearing???

The bride with my babes. A truly beautiful bride....thank you for the commission  and the day!

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