Friday, 17 February 2012

Designer or Technologist???!!

As I look at available jobs in the fashion press in the UK, it's clear to see that you should either be a designer or a technologist. After working with many different companies, the misconception from directors, managers and even designers and technologists is that you are either a truly creative being, bringing colour, texture, great design and artwork or you're practical, good at pattern drafting/draping, grading, fit and construction. These two different people may communicate well with each other but one person couldn't possibly be good at both.

I'm sorry folks but I really don't understand this attitude. Would we expect an architect to create images of buildings, select some materials and then pass the rest to technical?

I'm not saying that having technical and design roles divided doesn't ever work but come on fashion industry, surely the best designers have a flare for the innovative and technical aspects of bringing fashion ideas to life? When we sketch a beautiful silhouette, shouldn't we be thinking how the pattern will be cut, how the fabric will drape and plan a construction method and finishing details that breathe something awesome into a garment?

My ramblings will change nothing as far as employers are concerned but please, for those of you working in or studying design, please don't neglect the technical side of your craft...your designs will be so much better with solid technical knowledge and expertise.

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