Thursday, 16 February 2012

Make Fashion Sustainable by Recycling.....?

If you think that clothes made of recycled materials need to look like hippy patchworks (I kind of did ...shame on me) then think again. Check out the wonderful work of Christopher Raeburn

He makes luxury (with a capital L) coats and jackets from parachute fabrics and end of line military textiles into fabulous military inspired clothes.

Not only are the designs and quality awe inspiring, the recycling process flows naturally to Raeburn as it makes sense to him to stop good quality materials from finishing their days in landfill. Food for thought me thinks....


  1. I like your last 2 bogs. They're really quite interesting but isn't everything you mention unaffordable for most consumers? Luxury fashion and really expensive military inspired clothing?

  2. Thank you for looking at the blogs and for your question. Yes the sustainable fashion I have discussed so far is for those who have deep pockets but what I find exciting is how this might translate into the next stage. How will the High Street handle this, (if at all!!?) Most,if not all of the design I have done has been for High Street stores in the UK and the US. Any designer would love to use open ended resources for their work but I have always relished the challenge of making affordable fashion as individual and desirable as possible. I'm on the look out now the next thing....

  3. Hi Fashion Auntie !! I read through your blog, great going !! Simply recycling is not the key. If we understand what "Sustainable" really means, there is no ends to where one can start at in aiming to produce "sustainable fashion". After all it is the future that we are all trying to secure with our designs and products.
    You can read more by following my blog on sustainable fashion and retail in the UK, US and India on See you there ;-)

  4. Yes totally agree...this blog is about one aspect of sustainable fashion. If you check out my other blogs you'll see that I discuss sustainability in fashion further. Have a look at 'Why Sustainable Fashion' and 'Sustainable Fashion...more challenges for the Industry' I look forward to following your blogs too! Thanks for the comments! Best regards, Jane