Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Why Sustainable Fashion?

One of the most exciting documents I have read in recent years is 'Fashioning the Future' from the Centre for Sustainable Fashion (London College of Fashion)  There are many thoughts and ideas contained within this document from several eminent speakers, which are all worth reading. Their continuous work and research questions current practices and behaviour which are not in line with forward thinking in terms of sustainability....the big one being in consumption.

In the UK, there is a huge demand for throw away fashion bought cheaply at the beginning of a season; so cheap that you can add to it with more bargain items mid season, and so inexpensive that it can all be thrown out to start more buying/consuming next time around. Needless to say these garments are of poor quality in terms of fabrics used, sewing quality and fit.

One suggestion to make fashion more sustainable is to re-educate; and design and produce less clothes of a higher quality; luxury. Almost a complete U-turn and a step back in time. What is exciting for me as a designer is that it would allow designers the resources and maybe even the time to produce exciting, well balanced, well fitted ranges in beautiful durable fabrics. Designers are at the beginning of the manufacturing process so it's up to us to help fashion a more sustainable future for the industry. What do you think?

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